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eBook - Swiss Bank Accounts: open swiss account online - swiss banking

Now available most of its information on website
Complete list of Swiss banks with their addresses, phone numbers , fax numbers and other contact information
 Many Swiss banks with their web addressees for you to contact them directly
 Different kind of banks, so that you can choose the right kind of bank for you
 Access to the account opening forms to apply for a Swiss account from the bank websites
 Typical services of Swiss banks
 Offshore banking and other favourable offshore banking countries
 Typical services of Swiss banks
 Swiss banks and Privacy
 Is your privacy protected when you wire transfer funds
 Limits of Swiss confidentiality
 Protection of consumer, Whom the Swiss banks will protect and whom they will not
 What happens in case of bankruptcy
 What happens in case of a divorce
 Your privacy and Swiss Bank's Branches in Other Countries
 Swiss Postal Accounts
 Who is eligible to open a Swiss account
 What documents would you need to open an account
 How can you open an account without visiting Switzerland? 
 Nationals who may be Restricted from having a Swiss account
 Company accounts
 Numbered accounts
 Anonymous accounts
 Swiss Bank General Account Opening Guidelines
 The categories of people who may be denied a Swiss account
 How to choose a Swiss bank
 Can you open a joint account
 Multi currency accounts. ATM, Online Banking, Credit cards
 How long does it take to open an account?
 How much does it cost to open a Swiss a account
 How to close a Swiss account and how much does it cost to close an account
 Dormant accounts and the banking policy
 How to avoid account dormancy
 Will you have to pay Swiss withholding tax?
 How to make money and still legally avoid paying withholding tax of Switzerland
 Sample Swiss account opening form
 Why many who apply are denied a Swiss account 
 What innocent statement of yours could raise alarms
 What not say in your account opening application form
 How to strengthen your application for a Swiss account